About Caroline

Caroline Healey

It’s a funny thing writing about oneself, especially as an artist. (Skip the next few paragraphs if you’re looking for the exhibitions/ awards/ acquisitions part.) People say that my paintings are very colourful and when I look at them in retrospect, I suppose they are. And yet, when I’m painting them I really see all those colours in the landscape I'm working from: the turquoises and navy of the ocean, lime greens and pinks in the coastal scrub, the dramatic purples of the stormy skies we get over Western Victoria, Australia. I'm inspired by 19th century landscape painters in the Romantic tradition such as Turner, Eugene von Guerard and Constable - big skies, warm colours and drama. Polynesian art interests me and in terms of contemporary artists I'm enjoying Richard Barrett, Richard Claremont and the sketchbooker Samantha Dion Baker.

I live in Warrnambool, a coastal town in Australia, but I’m not from here. I was lucky enough to meet my husband (who has lived in here since 2002 and hails from Ballarat) while backpacking in South America in 2012. I’m actually a Brit, but I love the countryside on the Shipwreck Coast of Australia as if I was born here. Speaking of birth, I have a beautiful son who was born in 2018.

I love to teach. I love people and I love connecting with people, passing on knowledge and giving a fulfilling and peaceful experience to those I teach. Please let me know if you’d like to learn more about my workshops.

Like most artists, I love nature. Being inspired by it and the mental process of getting my own version of it onto paper or canvas is a pleasure. 

It was backpacking that kickstarted my art career, that, maternity leave and a supportive husband who believed I could earn a decent wage from painting. While backpacking I drew 'personal postcards' of beautiful locations. I was trying out pens in my sketchbook when a lady leaned over my shoulder, took my book from me and started to leaf through. "How much?" she said? I ended up selling her five drawings for $100 USD each! I'd never sold anything before! That gave me confidence. I kept painting and when I was finally back in the UK in 2014 I got some fine art prints and greetings cards made. I had my first market stall at my little village annual fete. Now I have done five years of markets back in Warrnambool and Port Fairy which have been hugely fun and affirming. 

So on to the professional career side of things. I have had two solo exhibitions and one joint one in April 2021. Sea Change was held with almost-abstract minimalist Tim Freeman, we each had ten paintings on show. What an experience! An explosion of colour and celebration of coastline in a newly 'Covid Normal' Australia. Previous to that, every painting sold in my solo show, January 2020. The one before was also very successful, held in November 2016. All were held at The F Project Gallery, Warrnambool. I’ve been part of various print and painting group shows at Warrnambool Art Gallery, Factory Arts (Warrnambool) and The F Project Gallery.

Cafés and restaurants across the Shipwreck and Surf Coast have hung my prints from Port Fairy to Port Campbell.

Regarding awards, I’ve won first prize twice in the annual ‘Inspired by Burns’ art prize and ‘Best Local Scene’ at the City of Warrnambool Art Show.

South West Regional Cancer Centre purchased an 18 foot long painting of The Twelve Apostles for the new hospital. This now hangs in the main reception (2016).

South West Healthcare Prevention and Recovery Centre (P.A.R.C.) acquired a painting when the 10 bed facility was built (2017).

If you’ve read this far, you’ve done well! I hope you enjoy exploring the website – the giclee fine art prints shop, looking into getting your own painting commissioned, finding out about workshops. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch about anything, including if you’re a budding artist and would like tips on getting your business off the ground. I’d love to help.

Warrnambool Art Gallery - Artist of the Month - Caroline and baby