Market stall + Baby - My voice = Fun, as it turns out!

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So today I literally juggled my baby and my business.

Caroline juggling Sal 1Caroline cuddling baby

For some inexplicable reason, Salvador chose to LIE IN today for once and not wake up at 5.30am (I would insert the tears-streaming-down-face emoji here if I knew how to). So I lay in bed after my alarm went off trying to figure out which plan of action would create the least noise to not wake him because when he wakes up he wants a breastfeed and that takes 20 MINUTES (he's always been a relaxed drinker) and then I'd have to manage him and packing the car/showering/would I have time to shower anyway? Why wouldn't I just hand him over to my husband? Am I overthinking all this? OF COURSE I was overthinking everything and it all resulted in me unshowered and a bit late, but Salvador ultimately fed. I mean, really.

Anyway, my wonder husband took over the childcare, arranging to arrive at the market in time for the customers as I HAVE LOST MY VOICE (yes, I know, can you imagine a version of me not speaking all the time??!)  I arrived at Fresh Market and found I was next to Lisa of Lady Bay Botanicals and Annie of HegARTie whale fame. When I turned my back in search of a tap to fill my water weights (that weigh down the market tent), they started putting up my marquee! Such lovely people. 

Sal running the stall

Stall ready, husband and baby turn up and of course Salvador wants to be held by me the whole time so I'm basically screaming (which is coming out a loud whisper) over the babble of my baby who won't be held by anyone else and I can't put on the ground because it's too wet.

Do you know, I loved it! I loved chatting to people even with my pubescent boy voice and I love showing off my beautiful baby. I love playing with him! Have to admit though, all the chucking him around did make him vomit a little bit. Whoops.

Bronson was there the whole time ready to whisk him off when he needed a nap.

Around 11.30am, murmurs started rippling amongst the stall-holders of incoming torrential weather. We saw it coming, felt the first drops, packed up faster than ever before and headed over to the Main Beach Kiosk for a delicious lunch while baby Sal continued sleeping. 

It was a very successful market for me and a great day as I framed up for the next one (this coming Sunday 17th March), did some writing (I have a freelance writing job) and wrote this blog post. Tomorrow morning, back to the easel...Bronson has a couple of days off work and Sal will enjoy some daddy daycare. 

I guess the point of this blog is to remind you that I have beautiful prints to sell! Please check back to the shop part of the website and have a look around. As always, any feedback on my blog or website is much appreciated! Ta for now. 

P.S. Here's one of my beautiful customers with her husband's birthday present. Thanks Georgie!

Georgie with Ryan's new birthday print

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  • Thoroughly enjoyed your blog…what a day, but you juggled well and kept the balls in the air. ‘Team’ spirit seemed to be the theme for the day… first Bronson and then your fellow stall holders. Kindness really does make the world go ‘round!
    I’m in W for the next Market…looking forward to saying hello and seeing Salvador if he and your voice have returned. 😊

    Krista Durham on
  • You are doing an AMAZING job juggling and embracing the flow.

    Sheridan on

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