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Gutsy the Wombat by Jimmi BuscombeSome days are fairly productive. Example: Early morning coffee with Jimmi Buscombe (of wombat fame, 80K views! click here if you haven't seen it yet...) who is an exceptional artist, friend and mentor. Fixed something on my website in Salvador's first nap. I can't remember anything else from that day, but I'm sure I did lots. I remember it being fulfilling. I probably bought some paint or something.

Some days are less productive in terms of art. Perhaps I don't do anything, then Drawings of my babydrink wine when Sal's gone to bed. Today was half half. The thing is, it's almost impossible for me to do any of my art practice with my little one around. He's gorgeous and sweet, and well, quite needy. He just loves full on attention, just like, um, me. Can't really blame him. Today though, I decided to attempt to draw him even though he is NEVER still. I love looking at him and I wanted to capture something of the curve of his cute little bottom, his little legs, the way the hat I always make him wear doesn't really fit him anymore and sort of bulges on top of his head.

It felt so good to get my pencil out, while watching him entertain himself in the garden knowing I was close so he could come and check in (climb on me) any time he wanted. He even got familiar with some of my art materials!

At last it felt like I could draw and be a good mum at the same time. 


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  • I love your sketches of Salvador and your appreciation of J.B. X

    Sheridan on

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